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Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT"LLC

- Brief history and organization

Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT" was founded in 2002. The name of the bank originates from its first and sole proprietor "RIAL" LLC, located in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkariya in the Caucasus region of Russia. "RIAL" LLC represents a large industrial group producing crude and pure spirit-based materials for chemical, medicine and food industries. "RIAL" LLC is among the 15 largest Russian companies. In 2005 the head office was relocated to Moscow and the ownership structure was changed.

Our bank is young and positive with an aggressive development strategy. At the present time, the bank carries out an active policy both in this country's financial sector and internationally. Our corporate style and the width and quality of the services provided constantly attract more and more new clients to us. We are planning to increase the bank's capital assets, widen the bank branch network and strengthen the foundations of our business. Thus, we are currently looking for the new business opportunities for our clients.

Our bank uses advanced bank technologies, such as "real time settlements" and on-line access through the Internet and SMS. We furnish our clients with a full range of bank services, maximum convenience and efficiency.

Our core principle is an individual approach to each of our clients. We carefully study our client's needs and create a custom solution to accommodate them.

1.1. Full Name of the Bank: Commercial Bank "RIAL-CREDIT"LLC (CB "RIAL-CREDIT" LLC)

1.2. Registration Number: Registered by the Bank of Russia on January 23, 2002 Registration Number # 3393

1.3. The Kind of Licenses and Authority Regulatory Bodies: The License of the Bank of Russia to provide the banking operations with domestic and foreign currency # 3393

1.4. Address: 13/1, bld.1, Palikha str., Moscow, Russia, 127055

1.5. Contact Information: phone./fax:+7 (495) 921-31-13

1.6 E-mail: info@ricbank.com

1.7. Website: http://www.ricbank.com

1.8.Bank Identification Code (BIC) : 044585479

1.9. Tax-payer Identification Code (TIN) : 0714007308

2.0. The Number with State Corporate Register: 1020700000310


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